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Multi-scale Approaches to Complex Data

Complex problems require interdisciplinary solutions. The Rensselaer Data Science Research Center develops the technologies to enable that multidisciplinary research.

The Rensselaer Data Science Research Center acquires, processes, archives, analyzes, model, visualizes, simulates, and disseminates complex data to close the data-to-knowledge gap across multiple time and length scales.

Transforming Data, Joining Disciplines

The DSRC serves as a melting pot of ideas and expertise in research areas such as computer science, biology, engineering, mathematics, physics, environmental science, library and social sciences.

One objective of DSRC investigators is bridging the gaps between mathematical sciences and life sciences by developing data driven models and algorithms. Researchers unlock the power of multiscale models by making complex data accessible to scientists from a broad scope of disciplines.

At the DSRC, researchers add semantics to data—rendering it useful in a variety of machines and programs; use smart storage techniques; mine data to maximize extractable knowledge; build models representing the structure of data, and—using those models—build simulations and visualizations of data to display data in usable ways and predict how the data will change over time.

The DSRC facilitates collaboration and inter- action among not only RPI students, post-docs, and faculty but also investigators from external institutions in academia and industrial research labs. The investigators in the center study data intensive complex problems in diverse application areas including medicine, oceanography, and networks (e.g., telecommunication, data, grid).

Meeting the Need for Data Science Research

The objective of DSRC is to become a center with national and international visibility, and provide support and infrastructure to its members for solving data centric and data intensive research problems by capitalizing on Rensselaer’s super computer center (CCNI) and experimental media and performing arts center (EMPAC). Members of DSRC will collaborate and interact via workshops in specific topics, group meetings, seminars, student internships at industrial research labs. DSRC will offer an educational and training program for graduate students and post-docs to prepare the next generation data scientist and engineers.

The scientific focus of the center is on multiscale approaches to complex data obtained from diverse domains including biomedical, environmental, engineering and social domains. The Center aims to vertically integrate solutions to several core challenges of data science.

Challenges in Data Science



DSRC researchers collaborate with


DSRC has also started close collaboration with IDEA.


"The goal of this center is to attack difficult problems that require interdisciplinary collaborations. These problems can range from attacking a cancerous tumor to climate change. By bringing together data and experts from different disciplines and perspectives, we can greatly increase the potential of our individual research and funding."

Bülent Yener
— Bülent Yener, Director of the Data Science Research Center
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