facultyAnderson, Kurt Ph.D., Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

facultyAnshelevich, Elliot Ph.D., Computer Science. Design and analysis of algorithms, especially for large decentralized networks. Strategic agents in networks and algorithmic game theory; approximation algorithms.

facultyBarquera, Blanca Ph.D., Biology.

facultyBequette B., Chemical and Biological Engineering.

facultyBennett, Kristin Ph.D., Mathematical Sciences. Mathematical programming, optimization, machine learning, data mining, support vector machines, and applications of data mining to bioinformatics, cheminformatics, finance, science and engineering.

facultyBerman, Francine Ph.D., Computer Science. Cyberinfrastructure, data preservation and access, e-science, and grid and parallel computing.

facultyBystroff, Christopher Ph.D., Biology. Bioinformatics; Markov models; protein structure prediction and design; molecular simulations.

facultyCarothers, Christopher Ph.D., Computer Science. Parallel and distributed systems; simulation; networking and real-time systems.

facultyCutler, Barbara Ph.D., Computer Science. Computer graphics; geometry processing; algorithms; and design tools for architecture.

facultyFields, Madeline M.D., Neurology, Mount Sinai.

facultyFox, Peter Ph.D., Computer Science. Semantic web, semantic e-science, data intensive science, virtual observatories, virtual organizations, data grids, high performance computing, collaborative science, sensor web, solar-terrestrial physics, solar variability.

facultyGray, Wayne Ph.D., Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences. Integrated cognitive systems, computational cognitive modeling, cognitive social science, cognitive engineering. Interested in basic and applied research that leads to understanding the interplay of natural interaction in routine human-human, human-machine, and human-information interactive behavior.

facultyHendler, Jim Ph.D., Computer Science, Information Technology, Tetherless World Constellation Chair. Artificial intelligence, semantic web, web science, agent-based computing and high performance processing.

facultyJi, Heng Ph.D.,Computer Science, Natural language processing, in particular cross-source information extraction and knowledge base population.

facultyKar, Koushik Ph.D., Electrical, Computer & Systems Engineering.

facultyKatz, Miriam Earth & Environmental Sciences.

facultyKhan, Haidar Ph. D., Computer Science, Time Series

facultyKramer, Peter Ph.D., Mathematical Sciences. Modeling transport in turbulent flows; computer simulation of microphysiological systems, stochastic modeling in physics and biology; multiscale asymptotic methods; random field simulation; nonlinear wave turbulence

facultyLewis, Daniel Ph.D., Material Science and Engineering.

facultyMagdon-Ismail, Malik Ph.D.,Computer Science. Theory, algorithms and applications of computational learning systems; computational finance; bioinformatics, social and communication network analysis.

facultyMarcuse, Lara M.D., Neurology, Mount Sinai.

facultyMcGuinness, Deborah L. Ph.D., Computer Science, Tetherless World Constellation. Semantic web, explanation of intelligent systems, semantically-enabled informatics, semantic eScience.

facultyMilanova, Ana Ph.D., Computer Science. Software engineering, programming languages, compilers, program analysis, software testing, verification, reliable software systems.

Meunier, Vincent Ph.D., Physics, Information Technology, and Entrepreneurship, explores nanomaterials properties by design, establishing structure/properties relationships and identifying "virtually designed" materials with desired properties. Data-intensive, theoretical methods are used to investigate materials with changing composition and structure (a "virtual microscope") where researchers can identify structure- property relationships with limited or even no experimental input.

facultyMitchell, John Ph.D., Mathematical Sciences; Decision Sciences and Engineering Systems.

facultyPark, Daniel Ph.D., Computer Science, Systems security, malware analysis, fuzzing.

facultyRadke, Rich Ph.D., Electrical, Computer & Systems Engineering.

facultyShephard, Mark Ph.D., Computer Science. Scientific computation; mesh generation;adaptive and parallel finite elements and multiscale methods.

facultySpear, Frank Ph.D., Earth and Environmental Sciences.

facultyStewart, Charles Ph.D., Computer Science. Computer vision; medical applications.

facultyTrinkle, Jeff Ph.D., Computer Science. Robotics, manufacturing automation, physics engines, human-machine interaction.

facultyVarela, Carlos Ph.D., Computer Science. Concurrent programming models and languages, adaptive scalable distributed computing, computational science applications.

facultyWang, Chunyu MD., Ph.D., Biology.

facultyWatson, Bruce Ph.D., Earth & Environmental Sciences.

facultyXia, Lirong Ph.D., Computer Science. Economics and computation, artificial intelligence, multiagent systems, machine learning, game theory, mechanism design, social choice, algorithm design.

facultyYazici, Birsen Ph.D., Electrical, Computer & Systems Engineering.

facultyYener, B├╝lent Ph.D., Computer Science and Director of Data Science Research Center. Computer, communication and biological networks, bioinformatics, security, combinatorial optimization.

facultyZaki, Mohammed Ph.D., Computer Science. Data mining; machine learning; bioinformatics; complex graphs and networks; data science; high performance computing.


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